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Eaves Ventilation

EPS 150 Eaves Protection Board

The most cost effective and simple way to provide a complete felt support system that will not deteriorate, giving additional protection to the fascia detail of all roof types suitable for use with all slates and tiles. To prevent the underlay sagging at the eaves and forming a water trap behind the fascia, it is recommended that the underlay is supported by a continuous fillet.


1500mm long


Provides support for felt to avoid ‘ponding’ behind fascia.

CF1000 Comb Filler

Designed for use with profiled tiles. The Thysis comb filler creates a barrier against birds & large insects. It prevents them entering the cavity between the tiles and the roof felt.

Manufactured by injection moulding from high quality co-polymer polypropylene. The flexible design prevents any alignment problems.

DSV2000 Circular Disc Soffit

Thysis DSV2000 Circular Disc Soffi Vent is designed to provide ventilation through new or existing soffit boards whilst preventing entry of insects with the use of a 4mm grid. They are fitted with a simple push fit clip system into a pre-cut 70mm hole and provide 2000sq mm of ventilation. They should be fitted every 200mm along the eaves to give continuous 10,000 sq mm ventilation per meter. Soffit boards need to be a minimum thickness of 4mm to provide a satisfactory fit.


(UV Stabilised) Polypropylene

Unit Weight



White, Brown and Black